Folklore Ensemble DIMITROVEC


The members of the ensemble are not only former junior dancers of folklor group LIPA /before 1989 Dimitrovec/, but also close friends.  Apart from many other joint activities, in 2008 they even added one more - dancing.

They do their best to prepare their own repertoire where they focus on the regions they
haven't covered yet in their career. In a cooperation with a choreograper Ervin Varga,
they have choreographed dances from Saris and Zamutov (East Slovakia), Horehronie (Middle Slovakia)  and also a repertoire of songs and dances of the Slovaks living abroad. They were impressed by their unusual music and specific dancing steps, which is a unique combination traditional Slovak elements and the strong local influence.

Folklor group DIMITROVEC consists of 10-12 dance pairs and 8-10 singers. Group cooperate with Folk music Ferkovci and with Children folklor group PRVOSIENKA.